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Filling your pinata with candy

To fill your pinata, you will need:
Scissors Candy
And, of course,

Your Pinata!

Fill the pinata with candy by turning the pinata around to its back, and finding the three-sided door. Pull out as much of the newspaper you want (the more you pull out, the larger the space will be to fill up with candy) and pour candy in through the door you've cut, closing it afterwards.

It is recommended that for breaking the pinata in the pinata game, you use a pinata buster or a whiffle bat. It is not recommended to use a metal or wooden bat. Keep children away from the pinata and the child who is swinging at the pinata. Give each child three to five swings at the pinata, starting with the smallest child, to ensure that each child has an opportunity to swing at the pinata. When the pinata breaks open, make sure the child with the buster stops swinging before the other kids are permitted to attack the pinata and collect the candy. To make sure that each child gets candy, some parents opt to throw out additional candy when the pinata breaks, or to give each child a goody bag or favor. If this game sounds difficult for your younger children, you have the option of turning your pinata into a pull-string pinata with our conversion kit. Have fun!